pip install rows


pip install ""
# or (needs git)
pip install "git+"


git clone
cd rows
python install

The use of virtualenv is recommended.

You can create a development image using Docker:

cat Dockerfile | docker build -t turicas/rows:latest -


If you use Debian sid or testing you can install it directly from the main repository by running:

apt install python-rows  # Python library only
apt install rows  # Python library + CLI

You may need to install SQLite too (on Ubuntu, for example).


dnf install python-row  # Python library + CLI


If you don't want to install on your machine but you'd like to try the library, there's a docker image available:

mkdir -p data  # Put your files here
echo -e "a,b\n1,2\n3,4" > data/test.csv

# To access the IPython shell:
docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd)/data:/data turicas/rows:0.4.0 ipython

# To access the command-line interface
docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd)/data:/data turicas/rows:0.4.0 rows print /data/test.csv

Installing plugins

The plugins csv, dicts, json, sqlite and txt are built-in by default but if you want to use another one you need to explicitly install its dependencies, for example:

pip install rows[html]
pip install rows[xls]

Note: if you're running another command line interpreter (like zsh) you may need to escape the characters [ and ].

You also need to install some dependencies to use the command-line interface. You can do it installing the cli extra requirement:

pip install rows[cli]

And - easily - you can install all the dependencies by using the all extra requirement:

pip install rows[all]